Monthly Archives: August 2013

The Premier League 2013

There was a time when the beginning of a new football season would fill me with excitement. I couldn’t wait to see which teams would dominate the league and I grew to know and love the players at the club I support which is Liverpool. This year I found myself simply thinking here we go again! These days I know that either Chelsea, Manchester United or Manchester City will win the league, Arsenal, Tottenham and Liverpool will battle for the fourth spot, Everton will probably finish 7th and everyone else will be fending off the threat of relegation for most of the season. Continue reading

Flouting The Needs of the Fans

In any professional sport it is the fans who directly or indirectly fund the individuals and organisations concerned. Without the fans there is no professional sport so why does it always seem that they are the very last consideration in any decisions? I love sport and like so many others my ticket purchases, expenditure on merchandise and television subscriptions are underwriting my favourites. I would be happy with this situation if my wishes were considered but they are not. I am beginning to think that sports fans across the world should vote with their feet or rather the lack of them to engender a force for change. The 5th Ashes test of 2013 was the perfect illustration as to why. Continue reading

Beginner’s Guide to Motocross Gear

If you or a child have recently taken up dirt bike or motocross riding, then the sheer range of equipment and kit on the market can be mind-boggling. When you are new to the sport it can be difficult to work out what is an absolute essential, and what is just a “nice to have”. It is very easy to go out and blow thousands on gear you will never use, and will just gather dust until you stick it on Ebay and sell it for much less than you paid for it. So what is an essential and what is not? Continue reading

Style on the Slopes


I have just taken up skiing and on my first trip I was astonished at how many people seemed to be more concerned with their personal appearance than improving their skiing. Admittedly most of the posers I saw could ski perfectly well and certainly better than I could, which wouldn’t be difficult, but they seemed more concerned with their fashion than their sporting ability. As they lounged around polishing their Ray-Bans I wondered if they were staring at me because I was wearing deeply uncool attire or because I had just dramatically face planted the snow for the umpteenth time! Continue reading