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The Story behind the Swoosh

There are few corporate logos as universally recognised as the Nike swoosh and perhaps that single little image has been at least partly responsible for the brand’s enormous success. Nike has proved itself to be a trend setting brand with great drive and Nike’s enduring popularity has been really quite something when you think about it. Continue reading

Useful Stolen Bike Resources

Whether you’re a commuter, an avid riding enthusiast or simply fond of your bike, it cannot only be inconvenient and costly but also devastating and disheartening when you find your bike has been stolen. So what can you do to try and get your prized possession back? And if you’re looking for precautions to undertake now, then what can you do to prepare yourself should you find yourself in this situation in the future?


Bike Piggyback by Chris Dustin via Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

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In Praise of Cyclists in the Mountains


I love travelling to the mountains and always enjoy hiking in the beautiful terrain. I don’t mind taking on some fairly severe elevation changes and always congratulate myself when I make it to the end of the trail. Secretly, however, I am aware that I am no athlete, I am really not that fit and there are limits to what I am prepared to endure.  Amongst the many things that I couldn’t countenance is cycling up a mountain pass but there are plenty who seem to enjoy the torture! Continue reading