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Flouting The Needs of the Fans

In any professional sport it is the fans who directly or indirectly fund the individuals and organisations concerned. Without the fans there is no professional sport so why does it always seem that they are the very last consideration in any decisions? I love sport and like so many others my ticket purchases, expenditure on merchandise and television subscriptions are underwriting my favourites. I would be happy with this situation if my wishes were considered but they are not. I am beginning to think that sports fans across the world should vote with their feet or rather the lack of them to engender a force for change. The 5th Ashes test of 2013 was the perfect illustration as to why. Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Cricket Balls


Cricket equipment has changed dramatically down the years as new technology and materials have enabled the production of increasingly more practical and efficient clothing and protective gear. The one thing which has remained relatively unchanged is the cricket ball. Players from centuries ago would still recognise today’s balls. Increasingly aggressive and athletic play has forced players to wear more and more protection to defend themselves against the ball but the projectile itself has changed little. Continue reading