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The Story behind the Swoosh

There are few corporate logos as universally recognised as the Nike swoosh and perhaps that single little image has been at least partly responsible for the brand’s enormous success. Nike has proved itself to be a trend setting brand with great drive and Nike’s enduring popularity has been really quite something when you think about it. Continue reading

Golfing Disasters

It has to be said that neither I nor my golfing friends are players of any great skill. We are perfectly capable of some great shots from time to time and have even delivered some impressive rounds but things don’t always go entirely to plan. Whilst we have had some wonderful days golfing we have also had a few mishaps. None of these involved a fatality or anything truly drastic but we have had to explain a damaged club house, injured wildlife and some very strange behaviour! Continue reading

A Golfing Holiday in Spain

A few years ago some friends of mine suggested that we take a golfing holiday in southern Spain. I pointed out that I had never had any desire to travel to the Costa del Sol and that I was not a great fan of overtly touristy destinations but eventually I agreed to the trip. Sadly it wasn’t long before I started to regret my decision. Continue reading

The Granddaddy


When I visited the golfing Mecca of Myrtle Beach some years ago it was hard to choose the courses to play as there were so many and every one of them looked good! One course which I knew I had to include on my itinerary was Pine Lakes as this was the original club on the Grand Strand and had a fine reputation. The historic course was known as the Granddaddy and when the day to play at the course arrived I was a little apprehensive. This place looked more formal and frankly snobbish than the others in the area and I wondered if I might feel a little uncomfortable. Continue reading

Great Golf Courses – The Witch

When you talk about great golf courses you are usually recalling the brilliance of the design, particularly awesome individual holes or the way the place is run. Every so often, however, you find a golf course which is remarkable for its unique and spectacular location or scenery and the Witch in South Carolina is certainly one of those. Continue reading

Having an Anti-Christmas

A few years ago I was feeling rather jaded with the whole Christmas thing. It was the inevitability of it all that got me down. No pretty snow outside, the same old sorry decorations, a pitiful offering on the television and guests falling asleep in their chairs after dinner. I couldn’t see the attraction of the festive season and wondered why everyone else seemed so excited. Perhaps they were just thrilled to be having time off work because from what I could see everyone else was just doing the same old things every year too. Continue reading