Monthly Archives: June 2013

In Search of the Tiger


I had long since been a fan of professional golf and had attended many tournaments but despite enjoying every minute I had never felt particularly strongly about any individual golfers. It didn’t really matter to me who eventually won the tournaments which took a bit of an edge away from proceedings. Then, one evening, I was watching an amateur competition on television and my attention was grabbed by a teenage golfer. My attitude to golf was about to change forever! Continue reading

Sports Storage Solutions


If you or a member of your family does sport at any level, you’ll appreciate the amount of stuff which you need to cart around with you. Even a quick trip to the gym means a holdall filled with towel, change of clothes, toiletries and trainers, and for rugby matches or games of tennis you’ll have lots more to bring with you. For kids especially carrying huge amounts of equipment can cause them huge problems, so it makes sense to try and look for appropriate solutions. Continue reading

All You Need to Know About Cricket Balls


Cricket equipment has changed dramatically down the years as new technology and materials have enabled the production of increasingly more practical and efficient clothing and protective gear. The one thing which has remained relatively unchanged is the cricket ball. Players from centuries ago would still recognise today’s balls. Increasingly aggressive and athletic play has forced players to wear more and more protection to defend themselves against the ball but the projectile itself has changed little. Continue reading