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The Changing Room Dilemma


If you are playing sport then you are limited in what personal items you can take with you. That wasn’t such a problem in the old days as most people’s valuables would be confined to their wallet and car keys and kids wouldn’t even have those. These days, however, it is a different story with the proliferation of mobile phones, tablets, iPods and other gadgets. Most people have quite a lot to carry and also to lose which presents a dilemma. Do you take your things with you and if you don’t where do you put them? Continue reading

The Cult of the Sticker

Being a football fan I have few fonder memories of my childhood than those centred on my treasured Panini sticker books. I avidly collected the faces of the football stars in my albums and couldn’t wait to invest in the next packet of stickers. When this year’s World Cup started I couldn’t shake the feeling that something was missing in my life. I was about to witness a footballing fiesta but I did not have a sticker album and I felt an overwhelming desire to get one.

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Thoughts on the World Cup


I always look forward to the World Cup with eager anticipation but heaven knows why because recent tournaments have largely been a disappointment. What should be a massive festival of football has often been reduced to a war of attrition with one boring tactical match after another, a truly awful final and many matches decided by nothing more than poor officials.
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