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You Never Know Who You Are Dealing With

Many years ago I was working as a barmaid in a London pub. It wasn’t exactly party central as the average age of the clientelle was probably about 70 and my manager used to call the place the last bastion of the coffin dodgers. At least the place didn’t get too rowdy even at the weekends and my biggest issue was the constant agony of having to listen to a load of old blokes moaning about their aches and pains whilst drinking a lot of alcohol and doubtless making them much worse. My favourite customers were a pair of gentlemen who sat at the bar night after night baiting each other, usually about football. Continue reading

Angling to Save the Planet

Why Getting your Rod Out May Save us All!

Sea_fishing, (1)

Supply and demand. It’s the mantra of commercialism and seems to rule our daily lives.

I wouldn’t say I’m a rampant leftie, infact quite the opposite. Democracy and private enterprise are as natural to me as breathing and eating, yet even I would be first to admit that there are certain things which modern commercialism has got drastically wrong. Chief amongst the massive problems created by our modern fast paced, consumerist culture is the management of our fish stocks and what the whole removal of our ‘hunter gatherer’ lifestyle is doing to our Planet and to us all as individuals.

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