Like many people of a certain age I have to watch my weight very carefully. I only have to look at the wrong food and I can feel my waistband expanding.  I am studious about what and how much I eat. I run 5 times each week for at least 4 miles and I also play badminton and make regular visits to the indoor ski centre. On the whole things are going well but I am constantly amazed at how many temptations get thrown in my path. It is like walking a tightrope every day and I can easily understand why so many people struggle to lose weight.


For a start there is the issue of coffee. Coffee is very much the new black! People socialise in coffee shops, eat lunch in coffee shops and have meetings in coffee shops. There are so many coffee shops that your maximum walk between temptations is 50 yards. All that delicious coffee and so many unhealthy ways to drink it with the options of cream, chocolate and god knows what else that you get offered. To make matters worse you have to stand by a magnificent display of cakes to order the coffee!

Friends and Family

If your iron will has not been shaken by the delights of the coffee shop then it may be sorely tested by your friends and family. I have lost count of the number of times that a rather hefty member of my inner circle has waved a doughnut under my nose or called me a party pooper because I have refused a third slice of whatever heart attack on a plate they are serving for dessert. Then there are the sensible suggestions for a quick snack when you are out and about like McDonalds or Burger King! Heaven help you if you go to the cinema where someone always wants the giant box of popcorn, the family pack of Revels and the bucket of Fanta to finish it all off!

Home Fragrance

I am all in favour of a pleasantly fragranced home. After all nobody wants a house that smells of their rubbish bin or boiled cabbage. There is nothing more heavenly than some of the wonderful scented candles you can buy but I have discovered that they are actually too heavenly. My jar candle fills the air with the aroma of cinnamon buns which is lovely but I am in danger of heading straight to the local bakery as my stomach starts to rumble at the mere thought of such treats.

The Hermit

Even in my own home temptation is everywhere. I am beginning to think that if I have any hope of keeping on the straight and narrow, I will have to become a hermit. I should have no friends, never see my family, certainly never visit coffee shops and perhaps accept that the candle must be saved for special occasions only and preferably ones when I was going to allow myself to eat buns anyway!

Article by Sally Stacey