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10 reasons Why You Should Play Badminton

The spotlight is currently very much on the obesity epidemic and low levels of participation in sports. We have become an increasingly unfit and overweight population with an urgent need for action. The trouble is that we are all very adept at providing excuses for our inactivity, some of which are entirely legitimate. Continue reading

Joey Ate the Frogs Legs

Being a writer I am fascinated by words and I have always admired those who use them well. I am also passionate about football and amazingly it has been that sport which has yielded many of my favourite examples of how to use our language for the maximum impact. The fans are a constant inspiration with their quite brilliant banners and those who comment on the sport have produced many classic one liners too.   Continue reading

Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

As a youngster I always thought that as the years went by I would inevitably slow down and sport would become a thing of the past. In the event the opposite has happened and I am constantly tempted to try new things. Indeed my adventures seem to have become more and more ambitious as time goes by but as age takes its toll, learning new skills can be problematic. Continue reading